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If you’ve tasted our chicken, you may wonder why it is so moist, juicy, and tender. We brine our chicken in a special recipe for 16 hours. Yes, 16 hours! We spent several days trying to get the exact recipe and timing down to create the melt-in-your-mouth chicken.

We only use fresh chicken and it has to be chicken tenders. Starting from the beginning to the end, we don’t skimp. Our breading is top secret, shush.

When you walk down the street you may smell the sweet scent of waffles being made. That is no accident. The recipe is confidential, but we use real, creamy butter and pure cane sugar, with a whole lot of other delicious stuff.

The sauce creations are also made from top-quality ingredients. Our Mike’s Hot Honey is no laughing matter and the Nashville Hot took several attempts and many days to perfect. Once you take the first bite of the sweetie cones, you can taste the aged bourbon maple syrup, pure perfection.

The iconic Cluck N Bacon will send you into orbit. You can taste the smoky flavor mixed with the sweetness to achieve the perfect combination. The bacon is smoked with “real” applewood chips for over 5 hours, we then add our unique special recipe, brown sugar spice rub, and bake it for an additional 30 minutes.

Your cones should be overflowing with a delightful mix of the best chicken and waffle fixings you’ve ever had and a taste you will never forget.

Come in and see the amazing artwork of Clucky and his girlfriend. Take memorable photos standing next to our giant mural and make memories with family and friends.

We hope you have a great experience at Cluck N Cone and enjoy the journey!